Pizza Proverbs

Creative courses for leveraging talent and building better teams.

Each Wednesday we send out an email to help you leverage your talents within your team. Together we’ll first clarify your teams common goal. Next up we’ll better understand your talents. Then we’ll identify the gap between how you could and how you are leveraging your talents towards this goal. Finally we’ll help you bridge this gap.

Each email includes one Pizza Proverb + Atomic Essay focussing on one of the steps and a Link + Brief Summary of an article that inspired us this week.

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  • We’ll help you to better understand your talents.
  • You’ll get better at leveraging these talents towards your goal
  • You’ll have more fun in and get more effective at work.
  • It involves pizza… Need I say more?!
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  • Anybody who wants to leverage their talents towards their goal.
  • Professionals who desire to better understand and double down on their talents.
  • Anyone who’s keen on having more fun at work.
  • Pizza lovers.